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Discover How To Put Into Place The LEAST AMOUNT OF MOVING PARTS To Attract Qualified Leads, Convert Them into High Value Clients and Expand Your Coaching Practice

So You Can Deliver The Greatest Results to the Clients You Serve and Generate the Most Revenue for Your Coaching Business Without Wasting A Fortune on Multiple Monthly Subscriptions, Aggravating on Several "Duct-Taped" Applications and Losing Momentum on Your Mission

Dear Aspiring High Ticket Coach,

I’ve seen ONE method get real results time and time again...

Here’s the story:

For the last 21 years, I have looked at and modeled the best digital marketers on the planet…

… and uncovered that they achieved online marketing success…

… by doing just one thing

This ONE thing is the key to your success.

I know its sounds too good to be true… but this one tip is the most effective business solution I’ve ever seen!

Let's take a look at just 3 immensely successful online marketers - as 3 case studies. These are names you have probably heard of or know of or even bought from or enrolled in their coaching programs. In my case, I have enrolled in their coaching programs so I know a little bit more of these marketers than most.

1. Jeff Walker started publishing online way back in 1996 by sending more and more free content (beginning to sounds familiar, right?) about the stock market to his list. He kept refining his “launch” process and the results kept getting better as he made offers that made people excited to buy. In 2005, Jeff Walker officially released Product Launch Formula and since then, well over 10,000 people have been through this training.

2. Russell Brunson co-founded ClickFunnels in 2014 helping internet marketers build sales funnels. ClickFunnels is now a software company that helps 112,500 entrepreneurs from different niches to quickly get their message out to the marketplace. Russell creates courses and events that teach his clients how to use ClickFunnels. Without "Mr. Sales Funnels" himself - the word "funnel" would still mean that plastic or metal conical shape that you pour liquids through to fill a container.

3. Jon Benson started his online empire in 2004 with the release of his first bestselling book, Fit Over 40, as a fitness expert. In 2007, Jon semi-retired from the fitness space to focus on copywriting. Jon has generated over a billion dollars in business for his clients through his copywriting and is now sharing his copywriting skillset with less experienced copywriters with an AI based software called He also offers a software called NowVSL dedicated to crunching out Video Sales Letters for different scenario. NowVSL establishes Jon firmly not just as a pioneer but as the inventor of the Video Sales Letter.

So what's that ONE thing that could be the key to your success that you can borrow from these 3 case studies?

It's not that they started early in the dark ages of the Internet. A head start would be awesome but that does not ensure success.

You can clearly see they're ALL in - in what they do. You see, part-time work does not usually yield full time results. It's not that they haven't thrown in the towel and ventured into something else. Unwavering dedication to pursue what you have committed to do certainly is great.

It's not luck. Being at the right place at the right time helps but does not guarantee longevity in business. Their SUCCESS definitely had FAILURE, HEARTACHE, DISAPPOINTMENT and PERSEVERANCE side by side!

Okay, I could probably go on for a couple more factors that contribute to their success - but here's the ONE thing that will be relevant to you ...

All three had a life changing skillset that they honed, perfected and packaged as a "Signature System" or "Product Roadmap" or "Client Roadmap". All three productized their skillset and made it available to other people - first in one niche and then to other people in different niches and markets! By productizing their skillset, they are free from working with people one-on-one while they deliver the greatest results to the clients they serve. They are now able to generate the most revenue for their online businesses.

They Juggled With Lots of Time, Cost and Quality

What is clear in our 3 case studies is that they had to contend with time, cost and quality to develop their "Signature System" or "Product Roadmap" or "Client Roadmap." To deliver their high ticket coaching solutions that meant they put in a lot of time, a lot of cost, and a lot of fine tuning to get quality for people to put in up to 5 figures.

In order to deliver, they had to put together several moving parts - funnel builder, website builder, booking calendar, SMS system, CRM, pipeline manager, email marketing, call tracking, surveys and forms, conversion analytics and tracking, course delivery system, reputation management and other components. That is 12 or more different systems to talk to each other.

To a great degree, that level of complexity is still what most people do to pull off a high ticket coaching offer to this day.

Don't let this kind of thinking and systems approach hold you back because that is NOT the only way.

If you don't have too much time on your hands or too much money in your credit or bank account, and not looking for "perfect" quality, there is a key to get your high ticket offer done fast, affordable, and good quality.

You can accomplish your goal - fast, affordable and good with fine tuned systems and templates for high ticket coaching. Here is the key...


Adaptive Funnels is Everything You Need For Your High Ticket Coaching Business

All the Essential Marketing Automation Systems and Templates You Need Are Seamlessly Available All With ONE Login on ONE Platform


Attract hot leads using funnels with landing pages, forms, surveys, and inbound unified messaging


Schedule appointments, set reminders, collect payments, analyze statistics and track growth


Deliver your productized expertise, onboard clients, create unlimited digital products for unlimited clients and unlimited staff

Pursue Your Mission With Momentum

You want to change the world but did not sign up to be a technology geek! Get all the tools you need on one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

Capture - Top of Funnel

Capture leads using funnels with landing pages, forms, surveys, and inbound unified messaging

Nurture - Middle of Funnel

Engage leads in workflows using scheduled emails, SMS, ringless voicemail, and outbound unified messaging

Convert - Bottom of Funnel

Book appointments, set reminders for higher show up rates, collect payments, track and analyze statistical data and measure growth for planning and development

Avoid the Run-Around with the Automated Appointment & Reminder System

Automatically book leads and prospects to your calendar without lifting a finger

Automate Nurture Conversations

Create SMS conversations with the goal of placing booked appointments without any human intervention

Customize Messaging

Use the workflow builder to make sure the right person gets the right message without any human intervention

Artificial Intelligence Built In

Leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to manage the conversation

Productize Your Expertise and Create Time Freedom

Create a thriving community using the integrated membership tools to provide group or one-on-one coaching courses

Feature-Rich Course Management

Build full courses with unlimited video hosting for unlimited users

Offer Free and Paid Courses

Giveaway free courses to build your list and collect payments for paid courses- all in the same system

Unlimited Usage

Create unlimited offers and unlimited digital products for unlimited users

BUYER BEWARE: There are Hidden Costs When Using Systems NOT Designed for Your Coaching Business. Similar Software Solutions will Require You to Integrate at Least Twelve (12) Separate Software Applications with Separate Monthly Fees...

Starting today, you get to save yourself at least $1,100 in separate monthly subscription fees...

It's NOT just about hard costs. There's also integration hassles in making each software communicate with each other. It's just a matter of time that these integrations break - by Murphy's Law!

Starting today, you get to save yourself from the integration headaches of making several software applications work together and importing/exporting your data...

When Will You Use The Key to Success?

Now is your time to develop your "Signature System" or "Product Roadmap" or "Client Roadmap." If you haven't done it already, we have a proprietary course in the member area to help you design your own. It is an 8 week course called ACE Momentum Solutions for Coaches. ACE stands for Attract - Convert - Expand. This course has a $1997 value included with your annual subscription. If you need help, we have Done-With-You and Done-For-You services available. If you have a system or roadmap already, this is your time to properly implement it with a proven infrastructure developed by Coaches for Coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Use Adaptive Funnels?

Yes, If you already have any experience with a funnel builder, membership site and other components that make up Adaptive Funnels, you will find it easy to translate your skills into Adaptive Funnels. If you are a complete newbie, you might need a little time to work this new environment but I promise you, those new skills will be worth it.

Does It Work With Other Apps?

Yes. Despite the numerous built-in integrations already available in Adaptive Funnels, you might have some specific need to integrate other apps. With Zapier, you will be able to make Adaptive Funnels work with your specific application if that application supports Zapier as well. If it's a closed system, like most old, closed and proprietary systems, no love there.

Does It Work With Windows Or Mac?

Yes. Adaptive Funnels is a cloud-based app so it will work with Windows or Mac or Unix variant. All you need is a web browser on your computer, tablet or phone and you should be good to go! Adaptive Funnels can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

What Kind of Support Do I Get?

We have different levels of support based on your service subscription with us. You are either 1) Do-It-Yourself 2) Done-With-You and 3) Done-For-You. We have an excellent ticket support system, an active Facebook Group for subscribers, and live Q&A sessions.

Why Is It A Good Solution For Coaches?

Adaptive Funnels is designed from the ground up for Coaches by Coaches. The funnels and workflows in Adaptive Funnels reflect coaching workflows. You can see the lead flow, deal flow and cash flow of your coaching business on your Dashboard. You can see where a client is in each and every stage of your workflow. You get a big picture overview and details of exactly where each and every lead is coming from and where they are in the sales cycle.

Why Have I Never Heard About This?

There's going to be a lot of things you'll never hear about until it's staring at you right in the face. The technology behind Adaptive Funnels has been around since 2018. It is used by 15,000+ agencies helping over 500,000 businesses generate millions of leads. The technology is tried and test. Only difference is: Adaptive Funnels is focused on one niche - coaching - making it simple for coaches to acquire and deliver high value coaching to their clients.

Can I Import My Existing List?

Yes. You can only import client data that you have existing relationships with and who have opted in to your list. Your account can get shutdown if you import scraped data. If you intend to cold email scraped data, Adaptive Funnels is NOT for you. However, you can use LEMLIST or other equivalent platform for cold emailing to your target cold list and eventually enter responding prospects in your Adaptive Funnels workflows.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Yes. You will need a MAILGUN account for email and a Twilio account for SMS, voicemail, live outbound and inbound calls. Both Mailgun and Twilio integrate natively with Adaptive Funnels. If you want to integrate with other applications, you might also want to allocate a budget for Zapier. How much exactly? That really depends on your usage rates. For Mailgun you can start with their $35/mo plan for 100,000 emails/mo. For Twilio you can start at $20!

Do I Pay for Software Update Fees?

No. All updates are covered in your monthly or annual fees. Our technology partners are the best in the industry and updates are rolled out with minimal or ZERO disruption in service. There may be future features that are considered as Upgrades and that might incur an optional upgrade fee.

What is Your Guarantee?

We have a 14-day money back guarantee for using our platform. If for any reason, you are not happy with Adaptive Funnels, you will get every penny back. Create a support ticket and request a refund. Custom projects are non-refundable but we will work for free until you get agreed upon results.


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